Nonton Film Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

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Nonton Film Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Ford v Ferrari : Owner Enzo Ferrari, however, uses Ford’s offer to secure a more lucrative deal with Fiat that allows him to retain complete ownership of the firm’s racing team, Scuderia Ferrari. In rejecting the proposed deal with Ford, Ferrari also intentionally insults Ford Motor Company, Iacocca, and Ford II. Furious, Ford orders his racing division to build a car to defeat Ferrari at Le Mans.

For this task, Iacocca hires Shelby American owner Carroll Shelby, a former driver who won Le Mans in 1959 but was forced to retire due to a heart condition. In turn, Shelby enlists the help of his friend Ken Miles, a hot-tempered British racer and struggling mechanic.

Shelby and Miles design and test the UK-built Ford GT40 Mk I prototype at Los Angeles International Airport, fixing its design flaws until it is race-ready. After Miles savages the Ford Mustang at its launch, Ford Senior Vice President Leo Beebe (who was in charge of the launch) campaigns against sending Miles to the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans, believing him to be a public relations liability. Shelby relents and sends Phil Hill and Bruce McLaren to Le Mans instead. Without Miles’ experience, none of the Fords finish the race.

While Ford sees this as a humiliating defeat, Shelby explains that the GT40 instilled fear in Enzo Ferrari, as it reached 218 mph (350.8 km/h), on the Mulsanne Straight before it broke down. Shelby and Miles continue development on the GT40 Mk II, but Miles is nearly killed when the car experiences brake fade during testing.

In 1966, Beebe takes over the racing division, with the intent to continue the Le Mans program without Miles, but Shelby gives Ford a ride in the GT40 and wagers his own company to convince Ford to agree that if Miles wins the 24 Hours of Daytona, he will be allowed to race at Le Mans. Shelby American enters Daytona, but Beebe has a second Ford entered with NASCAR team Holman-Moody supporting it. While the Holman-Moody team has quicker pit stops, Shelby clears Miles to push his car beyond the 7,000 RPM tachometer redline, and he wins the race.

At the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, Miles struggles with a faulty door during the first lap, but after team engineer Phil Remington fixes it with a mallet, Miles begins to set lap records while catching up to the Ferraris. While racing with Ferrari driver Lorenzo Bandini – piloting Ferrari’s new prototype 330 P3 – Miles again experiences brake fade. After Miles limps the GT40 into the pits, the crew replaces the entire braking system, using technology Remington created after Miles’ previous crash. Ferrari protest the move, but Shelby convinces race officials that the replacement is legal.

Miles and Bandini once again duel on the Mulsanne Straight until Bandini blows his engine, eliminating the Ferrari from the race. With three Ford teams in the top positions, Beebe orders Shelby to have Miles slow down for the other two Fords to catch up with him and provide the press with a three-car photo finish. Miles is initially against this decision, continuing to set new lap records near the end of the race, but decides to let Ford have their way on the final lap.

Ultimately, McLaren is declared the winner on a technicality, with Miles placing second and Ronnie Bucknum in third. An enraged Shelby confronts Beebe, accusing him of deliberately costing Miles the win, but an unusually sanguine Miles lets it pass, noting that Shelby promised him “the drive, not the win”. A defeated Enzo Ferrari tips his hat to Miles as an acknowledgement of his drive. Miles and Shelby walk off together, with Miles telling Shelby that they’ll win Le Mans “next time”.

Two months after Le Mans, during testing at Riverside International Raceway, Miles experiences a mechanical failure in the J-car and is killed in the resulting crash. Six months later, Shelby pays Miles’ widow Mollie and son Peter a visit and gives Peter a wrench that Miles threw at him before winning an SCCA race at Willow Springs in 1963.

Nonton Ford v Ferrari (2019)
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