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Last Seen Alive : Will Spann (Butler) is a wealthy real estate developer who is having a rough time with his wife, Lisa (beautiful Jaimie Alexander), who is having an extramarital affair and needs a break from their marriage. The two take an interstate trip to Lisa’s hometown for her to stay with her parents while she sorts things out, but, after a somewhat tense exchange, she mysteriously disappears during a pitstop at a gas station. Will immediately acts to find him and brings in local authorities to help, but he can’t sit idly by while the police conduct their official investigation in the crucial hours after his disappearance. Determined to do whatever it takes to get his wife safe, Will pursues his own lead, leading him to uncover the city’s seedy criminals.

Written by longtime film producer Marc Frydman (second screenplay credit), Last Seen Alive is relentless and no-nonsense from the word “go”; in fact, Lisa’s kidnapping happened within the first ten minutes. With its feverish pace and lack of narrative flab, it reminds me of the Kurt Russell/Jonathan Mostow film Breakdown, although its coverage is simpler and there are no expensive set-pieces. Granted, the thrill here comes from the smaller moments, like the tense scene where Will sneaks into the suspect’s trailer and gets into a brutal fight, or the sequence of Will sneaking around a drug camp trying his best to remain undetected. This doesn’t mean that the film feels cheesy or unpleasant; otherwise, it feels expensive and skillful on the outside for a while (there’s a shonky-looking digital boom in the third act that won’t impress anyone). However, the screenplay feels too cliché at times and the dialogue is pretty standard – not much wit or humor. Then again, I doubt anyone expects sharp dialogue.

Last Seen Alive is, thankfully, an R-rated action thriller. I went to the cinema blind and didn’t realize the rating (I took my mother, who loves Gerard Butler), but the word “bastard” is literally spoken in the first ten seconds of the film (in the first line of dialogue), before the movie’s weird title card. Don’t expect endless profanity or excessive bloodshed, but this film doesn’t shy away from bloody gunshot wounds or swearing, nor does it feel like pulling a punch. Actions are rare but brutal and effective; easy to follow, with solid choreography although some of the set-pieces are done in dim locations. Butler is expected to shine in the lead role; although he’s not on the same level as Stallone or Schwarzenegger (not even close, of course), he’s a reliable action star who looks believable when it comes to guns. Those of you who enjoyed Butler’s turn as Mike Banning in Fallen (not to mention Copshop and Den of Thieves) will have a blast with Last Seen Alive.

Nonton Last Seen Alive (2022)
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