Nonton Film No Time to Die (2021)

No Time to Die (2021)

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Nonton Film No Time to Die (2021) Sub Indo

No Time to Die : In the present, after Blofeld’s arrest, Swann is in Matera with James Bond. She asks Bond to visit the grave of his ex-lover Vesper Lynd, where he narrowly survives an explosion orchestrated by a group of Spectre operatives led by Primo, a mercenary with a bionic eye. Bond evades Primo and his men and escapes with Swann, but he believes that Swann betrayed him, prompting him to end their relationship.

Five years later, Spectre agents extract MI6 scientist Valdo Obruchev, who is secretly working for Safin, and steal Project Heracles, an experimental weapon developed under M’s oversight that consists of biological nanobots that spread through skin contact to execute targets based on DNA. Bond, retired and living in Jamaica, is contacted by CIA ally Felix Leiter and State Department agent Logan Ash, who ask for Bond’s help extracting Obruchev from a Spectre party in Cuba. Bond initially declines, but later accepts after an encounter with Nomi, his 007 successor, who warns him not to interfere with her extraction of Obruchev and puts him in contact with M, who refuses to answer his questions about Heracles.

Bond infiltrates the Spectre party with Paloma, a Cuban agent assisting Leiter. Blofeld oversees the party from Belmarsh through Primo’s bionic eye. He disperses a nanobot mist to kill Bond, but Obruchev covertly reprogrammed the nanobots under Safin’s orders to kill the Spectre members instead. After outmanoeuvring Nomi with Paloma’s help, Bond transports Obruchev to Ash and Leiter, who are waiting on a secluded trawler. Bond interrogates Obruchev for information about Heracles and his employer, but Ash, also secretly working for Safin, shoots Leiter, traps him and Bond below deck, and flees with Obruchev after triggering explosives to sink the ship. Leiter dies of his wounds, but Bond escapes.

Bond returns to London, reuniting with his former MI6 colleagues. He seeks to interrogate Blofeld for information about Obruchev’s employer, but Blofeld reportedly only speaks to his psychiatrist, Swann. Safin secretly forces Swann to infect herself with a nanobot dose in order to assassinate Blofeld. Bond meets Swann in Belmarsh and unknowingly infects himself with the nanobots by touching her. Swann leaves after becoming too distressed to confront Blofeld, who confesses to Bond that he planned the explosion at Vesper’s grave to make Bond believe that Madeleine betrayed him. Enraged, Bond briefly strangles Blofeld, unknowingly allowing the nanobots to kill him.

Bond tracks Swann to her childhood home in Norway, where the two reconcile. He meets Swann’s five-year-old daughter Mathilde, who Swann insists is not his child. Swann shares intelligence that her father gathered about Safin, including information about his island headquarters. The next morning, MI6 alert Bond that Ash is approaching his location. After a chase leads into a nearby forest, Safin abducts Swann and Mathilde while Bond defeats Safin’s thugs and avenges Leiter by killing Ash.

Q provides Bond and Nomi with a submersible glider to infiltrate Safin’s headquarters, a missile base in the Sea of Japan that has been converted into a nanobot factory. Nomi kills Obruchev by kicking him into a pool of acid. Bond confronts Safin, who flees with Mathilde but later releases her. Swann escapes from Primo and reunites with Bond and Mathilde. Nomi escorts Swann and Mathilde off the island. Bond stays to open the silo doors so that missiles can penetrate and destroy the factory. He kills Safin’s remaining men, including Primo, and calls in a missile strike from HMS Dragon.

As Bond leaves the facility, he sees the silo doors closing and rushes back inside. Safin shoots Bond and infects him with a vial containing nanobots programmed to kill Swann and Mathilde. Bond shoots Safin dead, reopens the silo doors, and climbs to the roof of the facility. He contacts Swann by radio to say goodbye and express his love for her and Mathilde. Swann confirms that Mathilde is Bond’s daughter. Bond watches as the missiles strike the island, destroying the factory and killing him. At MI6, M, Moneypenny, Nomi, Q, and Bill Tanner drink to Bond’s memory. As Swann drives Mathilde to Matera, she tells her a story about a man named James Bond.

Nonton No Time to Die (2021)
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Nonton Film No Time to Die (2021) Subtitle Indonesia
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No Time to Die (2021)Sub Indo

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Tagline:The mission that changes everything begins…
Duration: 163 Min
Language:English, Español, Français, Italiano, Pусский
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