Nonton Film Rumble (2021)

Rumble (2021)

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Nonton Film Rumble (2021)

Rumble : In a world where giant monsters and humans coexist, monsters compete in a popular professional wrestling global sport known as monster wrestling, with each city having its own monster wrestler. After the current wrestler for the small town of Stoker, the shark-like Tentacular becomes the new world champion, he announces he no longer wants to represent Stoker. The townspeople are later told if they do not find a new wrestler, they will lose the town’s stadium and its revenue, which prompts wrestling enthusiast Winnie Coyle to search for a new monster representative for her town.

Winnie heads to an underground fight and finds the son of the famous late Stoker champion Rayburn, fighting under the name of “Steve The Stupendous”. Winnie interferes in the match and causes Steve to win instead of taking a dive, as the underground arena employer wanted. Steve is confronted by his employer and threatened unless he can get the owner back the money she just lost. Winnie tells Steve she can help him get the money by training him to fight Tentacular. Realizing he has no other way to make the money, Steve agrees to be trained.

Steve initially is uninterested in learning how to fight properly and wins his first match by evading his opponent. Steve later tells Winnie he left Stoker because everyone saw him as an extension of his father and could not live up to his name. Winnie learns Steve loves dancing and decides to train him using dance moves. As they progress up the league’s rankings, Tentacular announces he and his agent have bought Stoker’s stadium and wants to demolish it as Tentacular sees it as a reminder that he will be always compared to Rayburn. Even though Steve manages to repay his underground arena employer, he decides to help Winnie, reveals his identity as Rayburn Jr. and challenges Tentacular to a match for the stadium.

During the fight, Steve avoids most of the hits by Tentacular in the first round, but Tentacular counters his dance moves in the second round. In the third round, Steve brings the fight and is able to not only use dance but land several hits. Winnie tells Steve to use Tentacular’s suckers to stick him to one of the corner posts. When Steve goes in for the final move, he and Tentacular collide and are both knocked out. Tentacular gets up first but is too rattled to end the match. The crowd gets Steve back up by clapping a salsa beat and he is finally able to defeat Tentacular and save the stadium.

Nonton Rumble (2021)
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Tagline:The biggest underdog story ever.
Duration: 95 Min
Language:English, Português