The Power of the Dog (2021)

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Nonton Film The Power of the Dog (2021)

The Power of the Dog : In 1925 Montana, wealthy ranch-owning brothers Phil and George Burbank meet widow and inn owner Rose Gordon during a cattle drive. The kind-hearted George is quickly taken with Rose, but the coarse and volatile Phil dislikes her, believing she only wants George’s money. Phil also belittles her teenage son Peter, whom he derides as weak and effeminate. George and Rose marry and she moves into the Burbank ranch house while Peter attends medical school. George organizes a dinner party with his parents and the governor and pressures Rose into a piano recital. George reveals that Phil was a brilliant student at Yale, in contrast to his rough nature. Rose is unable to perform due to Phil’s earlier belittlement. Humiliated and upset by Phil’s behavior, Rose starts drinking, becoming an alcoholic by the time Peter arrives home for a break from school. Phil and his men taunt Peter and he isolates himself in his room, where he dissects a rabbit he has caught.

In a glade away from the mansion, Phil masturbates with a delicate scarf belonging to his late mentor, Bronco Henry. Peter enters a bivouac in the glade and finds a stash of Bronco Henry’s homoerotic magazines depicting nude men. He observes Phil bathing in a pond with Bronco’s scarf around his neck before Phil chases him away. Later, in front of his men, Rose and George, Phil makes amends with Peter, offering to plait him a lasso from rawhide before he returns to school. He teaches him to ride a horse. Peter heads out on his own one day, finds a dead cow and, after carefully putting on rubber surgeon’s gloves he brought in his backpack, cuts off pieces of the cow’s hide. Phil and Peter ride into the hills together. While trying to catch a rabbit hiding in a pile of wood posts, Phil gashes his hand, but declines Peter’s offer to dress the wound. Peter tells Phil about finding the body of his alcoholic father, who had hanged himself, and having the strength to cut him down.

Rose’s alcoholism worsens as Peter and Phil spend more time together. Upon learning about Phil’s policy of burning unwanted hides, Rose defiantly gives them to local Native American itinerant traders, and collapses on her way back to the house. Upon discovering this, Phil is infuriated. George says she is unwell. Peter pacifies Phil by offering him strips from the hide that he had cut, omitting mention of the hide’s origin. Phil is touched by Peter’s gesture and holds him close to his face. The pair spend the night in the barn finishing the rope. Blood flows from Phil’s open wound as he swirls the hide in the solution used to soften it. Peter asks Phil about his relationship with Bronco Henry, with Phil saying that he had once saved his life when they were caught in a freezing storm in the mountains by keeping him warm with his body. Peter asks if they were naked, but Phil does not answer. They later share a cigarette.

The following morning, George finds Phil sick in bed, his wound now severely infected. A delirious Phil looks for Peter to give him the finished lasso, but George takes him to the doctor. George is later seen picking out a coffin for his brother while his body is prepared for burial. At the funeral, the doctor tells George that Phil most likely died of anthrax. This puzzles George, as Phil was always careful to avoid diseased cattle. Peter, who skipped Phil’s funeral, opens a Book of Common Prayer to a passage on burial rites and then reads Psalm 22: “Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.” With carefully gloved hands, Peter stows his finished lasso under his bed. As Peter watches George and a now-sober Rose return home and embrace, he turns away and smiles.

Nonton The Power of the Dog (2021)
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Genre: Drama, Western
Duration: 128 Min